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Whether you’re a Leftie, Muslim, black or fellow Nationalist, if you want to have a political debate with me on the topics of current events, multiculturalism, immigration or Islam et al, or just a general chat, add me on Google Plus here. Then, comment under one of my Google Plus posts, making sure you mention my name, to let me know you wish to have debate or whatever. I’ll add you back, then I’ll organise a Google Hangout at a mutually agreed day and time.


5 thoughts on “Request A Debate/Chat

  1. Yo, I’m purpandorange, we spoke on twitter before, I wanted to do a stream and interview you, I think this is the third way I’m trying to reach you in an hour, but I wanna get your attention, cuz I’ve been looking for a while and just remembered you. It won’t be hostile, I may press you on certain things but that’s it, it won’t be a shouting match, I want to see your positions on issues.


      • Hey, I’m very sorry I missed the time, I got caught up in something else that I had to deal with and forgot to let you know. I’m not messing around with you or trying to waste your time, I interviewed Blackacidlizzard so you know I’m actually trying to have these conversations. I’m still willing to do it if you are, but to avoid the same situation as last time, I’d rather we do it at a time we both catch each other online instead of scheduling a time again.


  2. Hi, could you please add a Patreon link? I would like to help finance you to make more videos so that you can “up your game” as it were. I would gladly donate and I am sure that others would like the chance, as well.

    Also, I would like to know what you think should be done about the white SJW’s that have betrayed all of us? How do you fight when so many of our own kind are clearly betraying us?


    • Hi, David.

      I really, really appreciate you saying that, my friend. I would like to have a Patreon, to be honest, as I really could do with the money – not to try and make loads of money, but simply to make it possible for me to spend all my time making videos. As it stands, I am struggling with getting by. All I want to do is be able to make videos all the time (both speaking vids and vids that express the emotions and feelings of our situation etc, such as my recent one: ‘NATIONALIST REVOLUTION: Golden Sky’). But, as it stands, I can only get one vid a week out.

      So, regarding the White traitors. Ideally, I would just lock them up or deport them somewhere. Maybe give them a Clockwork Orange-type treatment. Or have them literally beaten with sticks, lel. They’re actually a small minority, though, so it doesn’t really discourage me. But yeah, they repulse me. I just can’t get in their rancid, weak, creepy little brains. I see it as a mental illness or a mental cancer (I’m not using the term lightly, or trying to degrade people with mental illnesses).

      Thank you very much, my mate.


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