The Absolute Oppression Of The English People

The Daily Politics interview with the metropolitan African Labour MP, Chuka Umunna, just utterly encapsulates the relentless daily oppression and abject humiliation of the English people.

Firstly, I will say that Andrew Neil surprised me, here. He rounded on Umunna with welcome, unexpected ferocity and deserved contempt. But let’s just consider what this actually was: an Establishment Scottish bloke and a black politician dictating the narrative, and fate, of the English people.

And this poisonous dynamic isn’t a one-off, as we all know. You never, ever see native English men and women being given a say in matters. Instead, its always either a Muslim, a Scot, a black, a far-Left, nominally English bloke¬†or a skanky, traitorous FemiNazi. And I’m not even exaggerating.

As a working class English lad, I watch it all with total fucking rage, disgust and bewilderment. Its like an alternate reality, or something, to see various hostile foreigners and Leftists ridiculously directing English affairs.

Back to the vid, though: Chuka’s sneering, smirking rejection of English Devolution here is sickening. Watch his face as Neil first puts the question to him. Then watch how he predictably, slimily tries to steer the discussion in another direction.

As I say, Neil did treat him with delightful, unexpected contempt, but the fact remains that the actual people of England, particularly the working class, have zero proper representation in political matters.

This has to change. Radically.